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Dinopal is a ride sharing app allowing passengers and drivers heading the same way to share a ride. It is a great way to meet new people and share experiences as well.

Simply choose whether you are passenger or driver and start posting trips that you intend to take or give, respectively.

*Free to use for a limited period only* [Drivers & Passengers negotiate price independently. Dinopal charges nothing]

Dinopal のコメント・評価
  • (80 つ星)

    by bona park 日付: 27/03/2014

    As a woman, i cannot stop thinking of safety when i share a ride with a stranger. Dinopal allows to check a driver & passenger's profile and their review, so i can have a pleasant ride without worry. moreover i can make a new friend :) it is a nice app!

  • (80 つ星)

    by Plamen Sakaliyski 日付: 25/03/2014