Dioptra™ - a camera tool

Dioptra™ - a camera tool

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Dioptra™- a camera position and angle measurement tool for navigation, surveying, positioning, and measurement.
Press your device's menu button to save an image. View saved images in your device's gallery app

Dioptra™ provides the following overlay information -
- yaw indicator (compass)
- pitch indicator (tilt degrees)
- roll indicator (tilt degrees)
- GPS position
- azimuth and bearing to photo subject

The ancient greek "dioptra" was a classical astronomical and surveying instrument, dating from the 3rd century BCE. The dioptra was a sighting tube or, alternatively, a rod with a sight at both ends, attached to a stand. If fitted with protractors, it could be used to measure angles.

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Added on-screen elevation and roll labels to the gauges

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大きく表示 - Android 向け Dioptra™ - a camera tool のスクリーンショット
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