Fake Call and SMS

Fake Call and SMS

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Fake Call and SMS is an app for automatic faking the call & sms log.
Main features:
1. Fake call log for all incoming/outgoing/missed calls.
2. Fake call & SMS log for specify number.
3. Create a fake call: You can choose the date, time, duration, type of call (Outgoing/Incoming/Missed),..
4. Create a fake SMS: You can choose the date, time, type of SMS (Sent, Inbox),..
4. Blacklist: You can add a list phone numbers which you want to block (Call & SMS).

You can configure the following options:
- You can configure the app to clear call log only
- Fake Call or SMS entry with anyone from your contact list
- Fake Call or SMS from any number that is not in your contacts list
- Choose the date, time and duration of the fake call log entry
- And especially, you can configure to SEND A SMS to faker


Hotfix: Phone number should not be dependent on country code.

-> For example, in previous versions, if you enter a phone number 0969xxxxxx and + 84969xxxxxx then the app understands that here are 2 different numbers so in some cases the app runs incorrectly. In this version, this error has been fixed.

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