SAP Germany Events

SAP Germany Events

1,000 - 5,000 アプリをもっと見る

This is the official mobile app for SAP Deutschland events.

It gives you:
*All the information you need about your event: What it is about, where it is, how to get there, and more
*Agenda details (and your own agenda) on your mobile
*Networking with other people at the event
*Photographic and text feedback
*Partner and sponsor overview
*Speaker overview
*Interactive surveys and voting

And the good thing is: This app is not just so much history after one event.
It will also give you all that information and functionality for SAP Deutschland events in the future.


Bug Fixes and Feature Enhancements

スクリーンショット SAP Germany Events
大きく表示 - Android 向け SAP Germany Events のスクリーンショット
大きく表示 - Android 向け SAP Germany Events のスクリーンショット
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