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フライトナビ(Flight Navi)はAndroid内の、センサーを利用して飛行に必要な情報を表示するもので主に以下の能力を保有しています。

・LA(Landing Area)Managerを搭載し、複数のLAを管理できます。

・「Menu」-「Settings」-「Marker appearance distance」で、設定した距離内にある目標(LA)はすべて表示します。


1 UTM座標の表示はできません
2 ナビゲーション機能はデモ用に羽田空港の座標に限定しています。修正はできません
3 フリー版アプリはPro購入時の動作チェックや検討に利用ください。


Basic function
Flight Navi Pro displays information required for a flight using the sensor in Android, mainly holds the following capability, and is now.

-It can display by an altitude, speed, and a position coordinate (the degree of decimal system circumstances, the degree of 60 base circumstances, UTM).
-By spirit level display like the fighter plane loading HUD, an ascending vertical angle and an angle of depression are acquirable.
-LA(Landing Area) Manager is carried and more LA can be managed.
-It chooses a display and un-displaying and indicates the managed LA by an object.
-The numeric display of a time display and the battery state can be carried out by an internal-organs clock.

The navigation function to a target
-Since there is an item which sets a target as "Menu"- "Settings", please set.
-The direction of a red triangle comes in the direction of a target in a screen.
-When in agreement with the direction of the red line of middle of the screen, it has turned to the direction of a target.
- Display altogether the target (LA) which is in the set-up distance by "Menu"-"Settings"- "Marker appearance distance."
-When a target can be caught in the set-up distance, a light-blue line and a target marker are displayed.

Measured value is based on the performance of GPS.
The screen top is accuracy.

Restrictions of the free version
1 Display of UTM Coordinates Cannot be Performed.
2 Limit the navigation function to the coordinates of Haneda Airport(JPN) for a demonstration.
Correction is impossible.
3 the free version -- please use the application for the operating check at the time of Pro purchase, or examination.

Copylite master.one.info@gmail.com

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