Local News, Weather, and More

Local News, Weather, and More

100,000 - 500,000 アプリをもっと見る

Local News, Weather & More is the only application for Android to offer local US news, weather, and other content from over 220 news outlets around the US.

-Weather w/ maps
-Local cheap gas prices

In some areas:
-School Closings

Please note that news is only available in US cities where one of our local news content providers is available. We do not use untrusted sources, web aggregation, or generic national content in place of local content. All content is legally acquired and provided with the direct authorization of the content provider. This allows to to provide only the highest quality local news.

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Version 1.5.1/1.5.2
-Fixed a GPS issue
-Fixed a multitasking issue
Version 1.5 changes:
-Landscape now supported in most views
-Animated radar battery and display issues resolved.
-Improved ad behavior (less invasive)
-Improved content load /display times
-Laid the groundwork for a new design coming soon!

Please submit issues to android@localwireless.com

Thanks for your support!

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大きく表示 - Android 向け Local News, Weather, and More のスクリーンショット
大きく表示 - Android 向け Local News, Weather, and More のスクリーンショット
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