Brave New World (本 ebook 书)



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Huxley's vision of the future in his astonishing 1931 novel Brave New World is a world in which capitalist civilization has been reconstituted through the most efficient scientific and psychological engineering, where the people are genetically designed to be passive, consistently useful to the ruling class.

As scathingly satirical as it is disturbing, Brave New World is set some 600 years in the future, when mankind exists in an institutional form of happiness, managed by the World State. ""Community, Identity, Stability"" is its motto. Reproduction is totally controlled through genetic engineering. People are literally bred into a rigid class system and designed for specific purposes. As they mature, they are conditioned to be happy with the roles for which society created them, working without complaint or incident. The rest of their lives are devoted to the pursuit of pleasure through meaningless sex, elaborate recreational sports, the getting and having of material possessions and the taking of a pleasure drug called soma. Concepts such as family, freedom, love and culture are considered grotesque.