Play Market Developer Console

Play Market Developer Console

50,000 - 100,000 アプリをもっと見る

This application is *ONLY* for *DEVELOPERS* with apps live in the *ANDROID*MARKET*! You need your google login.

This app is not associated with Google (Play) in any way, it only shows the Developer Console in an own smart app.

Watch your Developer Console with an easy and fast app. It simply shows your Developer Console. Place the icon on your homescreen and you don't need to start browser and fiddle around with bookmarks and URLs.

! - The App is THAT simple, so please refrain from commenting/rating negative due to the fact the app is that simple or you aren't a developer of an Android App in the market!

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- new layout, more space for the page; progressbar better aligned
- Menu-refresh, now checks itf a page was successfully loaded before
- better error handling

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大きく表示 - Android 向け Play Market Developer Console のスクリーンショット
大きく表示 - Android 向け Play Market Developer Console のスクリーンショット
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