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SwitchPro Widget

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Many people are still in use, a veteran of the system switch/toggle widget. It is small, elegant, easy to use. no background services, no network access, and has the most comprehensive switch. You almost can quickly switch or control any system settings. it has a powerful interface customization features, you can almost custom you can think of any interface elements, in addition you can also scheduled turn on/off some settings and add widget to notification bar.

★ Do not install on SD card.

★ I can't sort and delete the button when creating widget.
In the top of the preview window, click the button to delete, press and hold the button to sort.

★ Can not uninstall?
Please deactivate "Settings"->"Security"->"Device administration" before uninstalling.

Supported Toggle Actions:
• Wi-Fi
• Data Connection
• Bluetooth
• Brightness
• Auto-sync
• Auto-Rotate
• Screen Always On
• Airplane Mode
• Scan Media
• Vibration/Silent
• 3G-2G
• Battery
• Flashlight
• Unlock Pattern
• Reboot
• Speaker Mode
• Auto-Screen Lock
• 4G Toggle
• Mount SD
• Wi-Fi Hotspot
• USB Tether
• Bluetooth Tether
• Lock Screen
• Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
• Volume
• Task Manager
• Memory usage
• Storage usage
• NFC Toggle

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Added brightness setting bar.
Fixed some bugs on android 4.3.

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    検索 中島大輔 日付: 14/01/2014


  • (48 つ星)

    検索 lions924 日付: 11/12/2013

    Pー03E ELUGA ウィジェットのボタンを押すと、設定は変更されているのに、ウィジェットのボタンがそのままの状態です。再起動したりすると治ったりしますが、頻繁にこの状態になります。

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    検索 神凪呉葉 日付: 12/10/2013


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    検索 中村アキラ 日付: 11/06/2013

    go switchの代用品を求めていてやっと見つけました。

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    検索 F J 日付: 11/06/2013

    GDATAの本日付のチェックでマルウェア反応が出ています。 誤検知かな?

  • (48 つ星)

    検索 Hiroshi Kagami 日付: 11/05/2013

    Battery mix表示で10%も使ってる。トグルのウィジェットなのに挙動不審です。

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    検索 Zint Val 日付: 13/04/2013