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ダウンロード SDR Touch - Live radio via USB SDR Touch - Live radio via USB icon

SDR Touch - Live radio via USB

Turn your mobile phone or tablet into an affordable and portable softw...

Similar app: RTL2832U driver

無料 7.8 1.1K

7.8 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード RTL2832U driver RTL2832U driver icon

RTL2832U driver

An Android port of rtl-sdr's rtl_tcp

Similar app: FlightAware FlightFeeder

無料 8.4 775

8.4 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード SDR Touch Key SDR Touch Key icon

SDR Touch Key

Get the red carpet treatment for your SDR experience! Unlock the full...

Similar app: SDR Touch - Live radio via USB

¥ 999 9 174

9 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード Wavesink DAB/FM Trial Wavesink DAB/FM Trial icon

Wavesink DAB/FM Trial

Turn your phone or tablet into a DAB and FM-Stereo RDS receiver. On US...

Similar app: Wavesink Plus DAB+ FM-RDS

無料 7 121

7 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード Wavesink Plus DAB+ FM-RDS Wavesink Plus DAB+ FM-RDS icon

Wavesink Plus DAB+ FM-RDS

Turn your phone or tablet into a DAB/DAB+ and FM/RDS VHF receiver by c...

Similar app: Wavesink DAB/FM Trial

€ 8.39 € 9.99 8.4 83

8.4 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード nRF Active for ANT nRF Active for ANT icon

nRF Active for ANT

The nRF Active is a stride sensor application based on the ANT+ SDM pr...

Similar app: nRF Temp 2.0 for BLE

無料 2.2 2

2.2 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード Wireless N USB 300Mbps Reviews Wireless N USB 300Mbps Reviews icon

Wireless N USB 300Mbps Reviews

Reviews - Kinivo 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Adapter - (802.11b/g/n) - Supp...

Similar app: Wireless N 150Mbps Reviews

無料 6.8 9

6.8 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード InputStick Plug-In for KP2A InputStick Plug-In for KP2A icon

InputStick Plug-In for KP2A

This is a plug-in app for Keepass2android (

Similar app: QR Plug-in for KP2A

無料 8.8 37

8.8 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード FlightAware FlightFeeder FlightAware FlightFeeder icon

FlightAware FlightFeeder

FlightFeeder is a network ADS-B receiver. It receives ADS-B data direc...

Similar app: RTL2832U driver

無料 8.4 37

8.4 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード Pie TV Thai Digital Pie TV Thai Digital icon

Pie TV Thai Digital

PIE USB Dongle is an innovative Digital TV (DVB-T2) receiver for Andro...

Similar app: Pie TV Thai Wi-Fi

無料 5 31

5 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード DIY Phone Gadgets Free DIY Phone Gadgets Free icon

DIY Phone Gadgets Free

Add DIY Phone Gadgets or follow it on the Google+ Page:

Similar app: DIY Phone Gadgets

無料 7.6 153

7.6 ユーザー評価
ダウンロード You Are Here GPS You Are Here GPS icon

You Are Here GPS

This app allows you to use an external GPS receiver via the USB port o...

Similar app: Prolific PL2303 Multi Port

無料 9 85

9 ユーザー評価



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