• Ad Remover for App Backup

    Ad Remover for App Backup




    This app is an add-on for App Backup & Restore. If you buy and keep this app installed, the banner ad will be removed from App Backup & Restore. Please make sure you get the latest version of App Backup & Restore.

  • Ad Detector

    Ad Detector



    A simple tool to tell you which app pushes annoying ads into the notification bar. This is a very early version of the app. Please feel free to contact us if you have any idea to improve it. #INFOLIFE Products

  • ビル&チップ速算機 AD FREE

    ビル&チップ速算機 AD FREE




  • ターキの時間





  • EZ SMS Widget

    EZ SMS Widget



    Notice: this sms widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first. It features: ============ Show sms on your home screen. Support write,copy,reply,delete,forword message. Quick action by click contact photo. Quick action for phone number / email / url Whale message...

  • EZ Calendar Widget

    EZ Calendar Widget



    Pretty & Powerful scrollable Calendar & Agenda widget! Brings the real calendar to your home screen. Notice: this widget is only supported by EZ Launcher, please install EZ Launcher first. It features: ============ - Show Calendar - Show Agenda - Support Flip and Scoll - Coming agenda...

  • 割引計算-Discount Calculator

    割引計算-Discount Calculator



    商品の割引計算を行います。元の値段と割引率を入力し、割引された値段を表示します。割引の計算が苦手な人のために作成しました。***************************INFOLIFE, Make Life Easier!***************************

  • EZドロイド - すべての単一のツールで

    EZドロイド - すべての単一のツールで




  • 割引計算





    This is a donate version,Thanks for your support!!商品の割引計算を行います。元の値段と割引率を入力し、割引された値段を表示します。割引の計算が苦手な人のために作成しました。***************************INFOLIFE, Make Life...

  • Easy Installer Ad Remover

    Easy Installer Ad Remover




    Ad Remover only for Easy Installer. Notice: It cannot remove Ads from any apps other than Easy Installer. Purchase the Ad Remover to remove the Ad from Easy Installer published by INFOLIFE LLC. Q: How to use it? A: Purchase and install it, then restart your Easy Installer, you will find the Ad...

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