• QQ字体秀



    还在使用单调的文字聊QQ?你是不是也想在手机上使用QQ炫彩字体?快用“QQ字体秀吧”! QQ字体秀是专为手机聊天达人打造的一款趣味个性聊天神器,软件包含了数十种好玩有趣的字体, 比如粽子字体、猫猫字体、小熊字体、奶瓶字体、便便字体、中国心字体、兔兔字体等, 趣味生动,让你手机聊天不再单调,每句话都充满乐趣!属恋爱交友、必备神器! 使用方法: 1、打开QQ字体秀,选择想要的字体样式,如彩字或者炫字。 2、输入你想要说的话,软件会自动帮你转换成炫彩字。...

  • 微信字体秀



    你还在使用一成不变的字体和朋友聊微信、QQ吗?你是不是也想在手机上用QQ炫彩字体?现在就用“微信字体秀”吧,让你的小伙伴开开眼界! 微信字体秀包含数十种趣味字体,如粽子字体、猫猫字体、小熊字体、奶瓶字体、便便字体、中国心字体、兔兔字体等,趣味生动,让你手机聊天不再单调,每句话都充满乐趣! 如何将字体秀添加到微信: 1、首先打开微信字体秀激活,再打开微信聊天界面,点击“+”号后出现插件栏。 2、在可添加附件栏中选择“字体秀”。...

  • Aladdin lamp

    Do you believe in Magic Lamp? Aladdin illuminate life for you. Touch the lamp something may happen ...

  • Cache Cleaner



    Cache Cleaner allows you to remove all cache files with a single click. Because internal memory is precious, and cache isn't. This is the original!If you're looking for a scheduled cleaner, try Cache Cleaner.

  • Saint Valentine's Day



    The best gif of Saint Valentine's Day!

  • Quick uninstaller



    Fastest and simplest uninstall tool on android! Features: *Remove user application easily by single click! *Display application name,version,install time and size *Search application by name *Various sort mode *Exclude system applications that can not be uninstalled

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