• Princess in her Garden

    Princess in her Garden




    Let’s take a morning walk in the castle garden together with the beautiful princess that lives in this fantastic place! She would love to have a friend like you, a stylish girl who could help her choose the perfect outfit for every occasion. As all the other princesses, she must look amazing all...

  • Exquisite Monster Costumes

    Exquisite Monster Costumes




    Let’s enter this dressup process and fall in love with her wings of fascinating sorrow, with her charm and mesmerizing style... This monstrously beautiful Princess invites you in her kingdom. Are you ready? Play this Monster High styled game and enjoy a large number of dresses, wings, hairstyles,...

  • Charming Bride Dress Up

    Charming Bride Dress Up




    This beautiful girl has a really big reason to be so happy! She is getting married with her beloved boyfriend today. What can be more romantic than that? For such an important moment, she must look really charming, right? Well, what about giving her a helping hand on getting ready for the wedding...

  • Mommy and Baby Dress Up

    Mommy and Baby Dress Up




    There is nothing in the world that can make a woman so happy as being a mom. Alice knows that so well and she is such a good mommy for her precious little baby. She is also a chic young woman and you can convince yourself about that by checking out her wardrobe. You will find there some really...

  • My Baby's First Stroller

    My Baby's First Stroller




    This young future mom can’t wait to meet her baby and hold him in her arms. She is getting ready for this moment and wants everything to be perfect. She decorated the baby’s room and bought cute clothes and toys for him. The only thing left is the stroller, so today she decided to go and buy a...

  • My Romantic Victorian Wedding

    My Romantic Victorian Wedding




    Wow! You are invited at a very special wedding today, girls! And your styling help is also needed there! The future bride decided to have a Victorian style wedding and now she needs to get the perfect look. Check out the elegant outfits available and choose your favorite to dress the bride up....

  • Wedding on Valentine's Day

    Wedding on Valentine's Day




    It's valentine's Day and Sidney's dream will come true because she is getting ready for her wedding. She needs your help to choose from a variety of bride gowns and accessories for a perfect result! Try more combinations until you are sure that our bride looks wonderful for this...

  • Winter Romance Dress Up

    Winter Romance Dress Up




    This lovely couple is out for a romantic walk on a beautiful winter day. They love each other very much and they want to get married one day and live the rest of their life together. They both love snowy winter days and they believe that this is the most romantic season of all, that's why...

  • Winter Storm Dress Up

    Winter Storm Dress Up




    It is a cold winter day and a big storm just begin while this chic girl was on her way back home. Get her dressed for today in one of her fashionable winter outfits and make sure the clothes are warm and she looks gorgeous in the end! Keywords: Winter Storm Dress Up, dressup, dress-up, girl...

  • Leather Chic Dress Up

    Leather Chic Dress Up




    Time to be as chic as possible, girls! Check out all these awesome outfits and match them with cool leather jackets and accessories, you’ll be a real fashionista in no time! And because autumn is officially here, make sure you stay in trends and wear the season’s colors. Play this chic game and...

  • Princess Fairyland Dress Up

    Princess Fairyland Dress Up




    Join in Fairyland and discover a beautiful princess, Lucia. She has many guests at the castle and she needs your help for a special look. She has a lot of dresses but she can’t decide which is the one. Help her with this decision Features: - hair style - tiaras - earrings - necklaces - dresses -...

  • Movie Premiere Gowns Dress Up

    Movie Premiere Gowns Dress Up




    The most important event of year has come, you’ve been waiting for it for months! Your dream of becoming an actress has recently came true and now your movie is premiering on the Hollywood’s most famous red carpet! It’s your chance to shine, your true moment of glory that you dreamed of since you...

  • Exclusive Party Dress Up

    Exclusive Party Dress Up




    This is one of the most famous parties, where all the celebrities go and where all the paparazzi gather for the coolest shots! It’s so difficult to enter! But you are one of the lucky ones and your name is on the VIPs guest list! Now the really difficult part comes: time to dress up! You need to...

  • Stylish Winter Girl Dress Up

    Stylish Winter Girl Dress Up




    It’s a beautiful winter day outside and this chic girl decided to go for a walk in the park. She loves fashion and style so help her dress up using the proper clothes and accessories you can find in her wardrobe. Don’t forget to change her hairstyle to complete her look. Enjoy! Keywords:...

  • Fairy Queen Dress Up

    Fairy Queen Dress Up




    Sara is a famous queen who lives in a wonderful castle from a fantasy land. Help her prepare for a new magical party day by dressing her up and giving her a perfect look. Make the queen try some of these elegant dresses and pick up the one you like best to dress her up. Change her hairstyle for a...

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