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ブラッドアンドグローリー (NR)

ブラッドアンドグローリー (NR)

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  • Innovative in some aspects
  • Outstanding atmosphere
  • Heavy download and loadings

"Morituri te salutant"

レビューしたユーザー: / Jan 25, 2013

An impressive fighting arcade game, Japanese version

Japanese version of Glu Mobile's Blood and Glory. There's no need you look for the original review, we have pasted it here:

Blood and Glory is a fighting game themed back to the Roman gladiator arena. It's an ambitious project with great graphics and animations. Its gameplay tries to be innovative, as it's halfway between a 2D fighting game with a 3D look and a turn-based game. This Non Rated version has more blood and guts, but otherwise is the same game.

Although there are combos and special attacks, it tries to be a realist game. Therefore, there aren't energy blasts, impossible jumps nor secret crane-style attacks. Arms, shields and armor names retain their original Roman names. The short in-battle cinematic sequences, often when a contender has lost more than half lifebar, add a you-know-which-movie-are-we-talking-about aura to the ending product.

Overall, we might be talking about a gladiator fighting simulator, where parrying and dodging is by far more important than learning flashy combos that are either easily blocked or deal few damage unless your foe is off-guard. The basics may be easy but the game isn't. In fact, you'll check by yourself that is quite easy to win the first tournament (in the end, it's the tutorial) but things get really bad when you start the second with no help at all. Therefore, Blood and Glory will swiftly try to lure you into the store where items and potions are sold. In other words, as many other Glu Mobile games, you won't get too far without toeing the line of in-app purchase.

Characters say catchy phrases in Latin as mea culpa. It may be hardly enough for History lovers, but helps somewhat in giving some atmosphere to the game. The RPG touch comes with XP points that can be exchanged for more stamina, strength or blocking skill. We miss more characters, and we'd ask for a little more management. Why must we play with a lonely gladiator instead of managing an entire ludus?

If you don't dislike games that require heavy additional downloads and cumbersome loading between stages and menus and if you think your device can bear too many polygons, then Blood & Glory is your game. It's impressive, spectacular and quite original, and would have nothing to envy to quite a few modern handheld games.

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    by 水月氷室 日付: 31/07/2014

    チュートリアルクリアしたら そこからなんも動かない変なアプリだなこれ

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    by 柚依倉中 日付: 26/03/2014

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    by miki ayumu 日付: 13/02/2014

    なんこれ画質とか超ええのにオプションしか反応せんやんけ ゲームとして最低だな