Red Stone

Red Stone

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  • Difficult game
  • Poor graphics
  • Lacks enhancement

"Red Stone, High Difficulty"

レビューしたユーザー: / May 22, 2013

Get the red stone out of the way

Red Stone is a very challenging puzzle for Android where the objective is to push the red stone out of the box. In order to do that, you just need to slide the other stones out of the way, trying not to spend too much in each level.

Although the difficulty is high and the game really makes you think, the graphics are pretty poor and basic and the design is not really good, either, it could really use an enhancement regarding this aspect. Also, the app would be much more fun if you obtained a three-star rating and a leaderboard was provided so as to motivate competition.

Honig is the developer of Red Stone and its solution app in case you get stuck and frustrated and want to know how to solve all the levels. We warn you, this is a highly complex puzzle game, despite of the basic graphics.

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The most difficult puzzle for Android!

Push the Red Stone to the top out of the box.

We do not know anyone, who solved all 10 "Minerals" yet. Will you be able, to get on the Scoreboard?

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