German Keyboard with Umlauts

German Keyboard with Umlauts

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★★★ The German Keyboard with Umlauts is one of the Telekom Android Top10-Apps in May! ★★★ Special rebate! ★★★

Do you type German texts on your mobile?
Are you annoyed by getting to the Umlauts?

Here's the solution - a softkeyboard WITH the German Umlauts and the "scharfes S" - ß!

Speed up typing Tüpfelhyänenöhrchen, Übergrößenträger or Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung!

The app does not contain a dictionary and does no laggy autocompletion. (It does not suppress autocompletions that other apps like browsers supply, though.)

It's optimized for the limited space that mobile displays offers, but may be used on tablets as well.

An optional force feedback can be configured through system settings.

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Two additional keyboard layouts with uniform key width (one with, the other without the speech recognition key)

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