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[✝] Lennox Clock Widget

[✝] Lennox Clock Widget

5,000 - 10,000 アプリをもっと見る

NOTICE: As I have unfortunately lost the signing key for this app, it will never be able to be updated, and I cannot support it any more. I've dropped the price to free, for those who did pay it's much appreciated.

The following alarm clock widget styles are included:

Basic, Gingerbread, Gingerbread Red, Honeycomb, Honeycomb Red, Ice Cream Sandwich, Ice Cream Sandwich Prototype, Ice Cream Sandwich Prototype Red, Miui, Meizu White, Meizu Black, Nexus, Nexus Red, Simple, Square.

The widget will launch any of the following alarm clocks (listed in order of preference):

HTC, Standard, Eclair, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google Froyo, MotoBlur

To see the clock you need to add it to your homescreen as a widget. To do this, long press on your homescreen, choose "Add Widget", then find the clock you like.

Widgets are resizable under Honeycomb and ICS. Otherwise, they are standard 2x2 widgets.

tags: gb, gingerbread clock, honeycomb clock, analog clock, android 3.0, android 4.0, android 3.1, ice cream sandwich, ics, nexus, galaxy, clock widget

Tags: analog clock galaxy ii, nexus 4 clock widget, clock widget sony, widgets 4.0, motoblur clock widget, nexus 4 clock ics clock widget.


First release (first app, be kind)

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スクリーンショット [✝] Lennox Clock Widget
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大きく表示 - Android 向け [✝] Lennox Clock Widget のスクリーンショット
[✝] Lennox Clock Widget のコメント・評価
  • (62 つ星)

    by Lemon Willy 日付: 23/03/2014

    Nice selection of widgets

  • (62 つ星)

    by Dawn Colton 日付: 24/08/2013

    its ok because I'm emo and hard to impress :-L = ti's ok