Pushpin for Delicious - Delicious client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Pushpin for Delicious - Delicious client for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Pushpin for Delicious is a beautiful, blazing fast, and feature packed Delicious client for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Designed for both power users and newbies alike, Pushpin lets you browse, search, add, edit, and delete bookmarks seamlessly with a gorgeous interface. Combined with its flexible URL scheme and integration with read later support like Instapaper, Pushpin for Delicious is the best choice for using Delicious on iOS.

# Features #

* Search bookmark at ridiculous speeds across titles, descriptions, URLs, and tags.
* Easily view bookmarks that are Unread, Private, Untagged, or Public.
* Hide, show, and reorder both feeds to suit your tastes.
* Share bookmarks over Twitter, Facebook, App.net, Email, iMessage, and more.
* Send your links to Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability.
* View tag suggestions and autocompletions when adding or updating bookmarks.
* Browse your tags and view the number of times they've been used.
* Simply add a bookmark by switching to Pushpin with a URL on your clipboard.
* Full-featured in-app browser with support for popular mobilizers for easy mobile reading.
* Keyboard shortcut support.
* Extensive URL scheme support for adding bookmarks on the fly, opening URLs with the in-app browser, or viewing feeds for users or tags. Visit bit.ly/PushpinURL for more information on Pushpin's URL scheme.


* Speed up syncing.
* Improve German localizations.
* Fix lag in description field text entry.
* Fix issue where search results for tags with duplicates would display incorrect frequencies.
* Fix issue that prevented j/k keys from working while searching for bookmarks.
* Fix issue where a visual glitch would occur when bulk-deleting bookmarks.
* Fix issue where tags would not be deleted when bookmarks were deleted remotely.
* Fix crash on login.
* Fix crash that occurred after adding a new bookmark or viewing an unread bookmark.
* Fix various crashes when reloading bookmarks.
* Fix crash when rearranging feeds on the main feed list.

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